Trans Guys Love Cock

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Trans Guys Love Cock, USA 2015 , 102 Min., Regie: James Darling, mit Cyd St Vincent, Ruckus, Rex, Power Jones


Tattooed bonus hole hottie Cyd St. Vincent finds Ruckus fucking a blowup doll on his bed and gets the horny perv to fill Cyd’s wet and hungry holes instead. Daddy Power Jones needs to piss and Rex is in the way, so he gets the sexy leather boy on his knees to become his personal fuck pig.Hot scruffy otter Oyle fucks insatiable punk boy bottom Bleu in a hot trans guy on trans guy scene, while FTM hunk Kipp Slinger and fierce femme seductress Maxine Holloway hit the road in search for Kipp’s thirst for cock in the form of an unsuspecting B Nefarious in a bait and switch Fucker Bus scene.

Quelle: troublefilms