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Finlandia, Spanien, Mexiko 2021, 92 Min., Regie: Horacio Alcalà, Weltvertrieb: Coccinelle Film Sales, The Aurora Project

A devastating earthquake hits Oaxaca and causes hundreds to fall victims to its effects. The drastic physical effects are felt in Mexico while across the globe its emotional effects are felt in Finland. This seismic movement has caused an emotional tremor in the lives of people with secrets, frustrations, and hidden relationships that will materialise amongst the debris, screams, and dust. After this earthquake, nothing will be the same for the lives of the Muxes. The first body found after the earthquake belongs to Delirio, an elderly Muxe. She is not a man or a woman.

She is a pioneer that has fought for decades so that people like her could find their place in a patriarchal and sexist society. Delirio is a spiritual leader, and mentor for the young Muxes. She also has a special gift, she has premonitions of death, even of people she doesn’t know.