Play the Devil

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Play the Devil, Trinidad and Tobago 2016, 90 Min., Regie: Maria Govan, mit Petrice Jones, Gareth Jenkins, Akil Nicholas, Penelope Spencer

A young man torn between reality and opportunity

Gregory, a gifted working-class teenager from Paramin, stars in a theater play that brings him to the attention of James, an affluent businessman. The two men strike an uncanny friendship as James takes Greg under his wing, pushing him to discover himself professionally, creatively, and intimately. Confused, Greg must at once deal with the return of his drug addicted father, and navigate through the early days of adulthood. As Carnival Monday approaches and the locals prepare for the annual male initiation parade, Greg must confront James - an act which will culminate in life changing events for him.

Quelle: m-appeal

Gregory, a gifted student from a working class family, is favorably positioned to win a coveted medical scholarship, and yet is secretly cultivating a desire to become a photographer. James, an established businessman, uses his wealth and access to pique the young man’s latent artistic inclinations. When James cannot accept Gregory’s boundaries, the relationship spirals into a fateful, carnal dance during the "Jab" (devil) play, on Carnival’s Monday night.

Bursting with confidence, style and vision against the lush landscape of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, Bahamian writer/director Maria Govan’s sophomore feature complicates notions of masculinity, privilege and sexuality in this nuanced, yet brutal, coming-of-age portrait that deftly thwarts any easy moral judgments of her characters’ actions and desires.

Quelle: Roya Rastegar, Medalit Tay in


World Premiere: Los Angeles FF 2016

qFLIX Philadelphia 2016

Trinidad & Tobago IFF 2016

Woodstock FF 2016

TWIST Seattle Queer FF 2016

International Premiere: Stockholm IFF 2016

Asian Premiere: Kolkata IFF 2016

Polish Premiere: Camerimage FF 2016

Havana IFF 2016

The Island House FF 2017

Reelout FF 2017

Toronto Black FF 2017

Belgrade IFF 2017

Cleveland IFF 2017

Panama IFF 2017

​Minneapolis St. Paul IFF 2017

Nashville IFF 2017

​Filmfest DC 2017

​MiFo LGBT FF Miami 2017


Jury Award for Best Feature Film - qFLIX Philadelphia 2016

Youth Jury Award for Best Film, Best Trinidad + Tobago Feature Film (ex aequo) - Trinidad + Tobago FF 2016

Best Female Feature Director - Woodstock FF 2016