Melting Away

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Melting Away, Israel 2012, 86 Min., Regie: Doron Eran, mit Hen Yanni, Ami Weinberg, Limor Goldstein

Shlomo Shapira discovers one day that his teenage son Asaf likes to wear women's clothes. With the silent consent of his wife Galia, he decides to teach his son a lesson. On a rainy night Asaf returns to his parents' home after a party but they refuse to open the door, even though he cries. Shlomo tell Galia that after Asaf discovers the hard world outside he will come back home and will forget all of this nonsense, but he was wrong.

Four years later, Shlomo is dying from cancer and Galia turns to Eytan, a private investigator to find her son and tell him about his father. Eytan finds Asaf in a Tel-Aviv gay night club. It turns out that Asaf changed his sex and has become a beautiful singer named Anna. On the next day a woman named Anna came to the hospital where Shlomo is hospitalized saying she is a private nurse sent from the insurance company. Anna visits her father day after day and they gradually get to know each other. She succeeds in conquering Shlomo's heart with her charming personality. At the same time, Galia visits her daughter Anna a few times and gradually she accepts her.

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